Beauty Begets Business

Who would want to do business in an unattractive location?  To attract the best for Titusville, we must build a beautiful place.  This has been one of my ongoing themes for as long as I have been on the City Council.  At last something appears to be happening in Titusville.   As I drive around our community, I see fresh paint and reconstruction all over town.   Have you seen the new Mr. Submarine and La Bamba restaurants?  Have you seen the new Itani Pharmacy on Garden Street?  have you seen the new location of Bo’s Kayaks on Hopkins, next door to the Titusville Playhouse and the new StoneFire art studio at Miracle City Mall?   In addition to those four, I’ve begun to notice fresh paint and landscaping improvements at a number of other locations.  These improvements are critical to the Greater Titusville Renaissance, because I think it means that we are beginning to turn the corner.   I believe that is the case and there seem to be other citizens and business owners who are drawing the same conclusion.   Next month we will be holding our first GTR annual meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday April 19, at the Holiday Inn.  At this meeting we will be celebrating our successes and discussing a plan of action for the next year.  I hope to see many of you there as we charter a new course for our community.  

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