Miracle City Mall

January 5, 2015


MALL UPDATE! From Robin Fisher, Brevard County Commissioner District 1

Over the last 6 months I have been quiet about making any additional statements about the status of the mall, because we realized that everything we said or any date or comment we put out there we were being criticized for not making it. I was being held accountable for the timelines of the project, regardless of why we were or not meeting those time lines. I have purposely not responded to any hearsay or negative comments. I realized very early that a lot of people didn’t know what they were talking about and most have had no clue how difficult this project is.

Exxcel Project Management and Allen Goins are not only financially committed to the success of this mall, but they have put their reputation on the line in making sure this deal happens. And there is no one more determine than I am to make sure this project happens. So as we move into 2015 let me put some rumors to rest about the status of Titus Landing.

So here is the Real Deal on the Mall:

This has been an extremely difficult project. There are a lot of dynamics that go into putting a deal together of this magnitude. My office has worked constantly with the developer and the potential retailers. We have met with several top retailers in my County Commission Office such as representatives for Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hobby Lobby, Beall’s Department Store, HH Gregg Electronics, Ulta, Neighborhood Market, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Belk’s just to name a few. We have attended conferences and tried to talk to every retailer you can imagine. Now that the economy is rebounding, several of the large retailers have finalized there growth plans for 2015. While Titusville was not a market that many retailers were looking at on their own, we have introduced them to our community and this project and have been working with them so they can understand this market and demographic. We have had to defend a lot of those demographics and the unique dynamics this community has faced over the last 5 years.

I am proud to say we have impacted how they feel about North Brevard. Because of my teams efforts, (Holly Woolsey and Troy Post) along with the developer’s team, there are some retailers now willing to take a chance on Titusville.

The developer has applied for and should be granted a demolition permit from the City of Titusville and you will see the removal of asbestos and other hazardous things being removed from the inside of the buildings. This is probably going to take 30 days or so! Then you will see more equipment gather on the site for the buildings to be demolished. I do not expect the first building to come down before mid-February.

Yes we still plan on having a mall demo party.

We always knew this project would be done in two phases, as of today we will be applying for Phase 1 engineering permits the Week of January 5th, that’s if we do not get any more site plan changes from potential retailers. One of the challenging issues we are faced with is as our marketing efforts with the retailer start to materialize… we are asked to fit them on the site and that creates issues because we have to modify the site plan and engineering drawings multiple times. Each time you make a change on the site plan, you have to recalculate the open space rule that the City has which is 25% and you have to meet new parking requirements. This is part of the reason it is taking so long to do this project. We were hoping to submit for permits 2 weeks ago. A new tenant has verbally committed and one tenant is asking for additional site plan changes so the engineers are back to the drawing board. This in a way is a first class problem, but it also causes delays.

Phase 1 will consist of about 2/3 of the entire redevelopment. We will be using 21 acres of the 32 acres for 190,000k sq. ft. of buildings. At this time you will see an investment of about 25 million dollars into our City. Once the City approves the building permits you will see a lot of positive movement towards a November Black Friday opening. If our marketing efforts continue, I think we could start phase 2 of this project right of way.

We are not going to announce any tenants that have committed to the site until we have some permits in hand from the City and we are respecting the retailer’s wishes as to when the appropriate time to make official announcements.

Since Facebook is the place where most of the rumors have started we thought it would be appropriate to tell you the Real Deal on Facebook. While some sit around and criticize who the tenants will be and what they don’t like about the project, we will go back to work January 1 to make sure that we take the largest eyesore sitting at the heart of our community and do everything we can to redevelop that site.

Blessed 2015!

Robin Fisher — at Titus Landing.

June 1, 2014

MALL UPDATE!  It’s on!  The Miracle City Mall redevelopment is steadily moving forward and much work (and financial investment) has been going on behind the scenes as we count down to demolition of the Miracle City Mall!

The City of Titusville Board of Adjustments and Appeals recently approved several variances necessary to overcome certain outdated city codes that were not in unison with the urban village zoning that this project will provide.  This is the first step in several approvals needed.  We offer a BIG RENAISSANCE THANK YOU to the BAA members who approved this request unanimously and also the two other requests on the agenda related to economic growth and redevelopment in Titusville: new signage at Parrish Medical’s Urgent Care Center at the Target Plaza and variances for the old Randolph Inn Motel, which has been purchased and plans are to convert it to 48 residential apartments.  If you’d like to read the nitty gritty, here’s a link to the agenda from the recent meeting:  http://www.titusville.com/Files/05-28-14.pdf  Thank you also to the City of Titusville staff members who made very thorough presentations and were spot-on with answers for the BAA.  Great teamwork!

As they continue to complete a great line up of retailers and restaurants, AG Developers recently attended (and had great success!) at the International Conference of Shopping Centers in Las Vegas.  With over 32,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors, the ICSC is the largest industry convention, making it an unparalleled opportunity to personally meet with national tenants.  The developers have also been working hard on the site plans and architectural drawings (see images).  Although no names have been released at this time for our new Towne Centre, we are all looking forward to this project and what it means to our community.

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April 22,2013

MALL UPDATE! Everything is moving forward! AG Development has submitted a project schedule that has a contract closing date in June (with a couple of back up dates that require further cash deposits). Demolition will be happening before the… end of this year, possibly as soon as October! We’ve all be holding our breath – it’s almost time to exhale! The schedule includes asbestos removal, site engineering, permitting, demo and site work, architectural design, general contractor bids, vertical construction and marketing plans! We want Miracle City Towne Centre!

Titusville fighting to bounce back with revamped mall – February 26, 2013 People in Titusville filled a mall parking lot to support an economic “renaissance” — in a community hit hard by the recession and shuttle program layoffs. “I have yet to run into a citizen who is not supportive of what’s going on here,” said developer Allen Goins, who is looking to revamp the Miracle City Mall, now shut down. Goins says he is ready to do his part to revive the city of Titusville. So far he says the idea of building a new open air mall where Miracle City Mall stands is going over well. “I feel like this is the beginning of one of their biggest, best resurgances they’ve had in their history,” Goins said. In the works is a new $55 million open-air mall project. Goins says he’s had great conversations so far with a potential anchor and other stores. He says the Titusville community has proved to him the area is worth a comeback. “Yeah, we’ve had some trials and tribulations, some bumps in the road, but this is a very resilient community,” said Marcia Gaedcke with the Titusville Chamber of Commerce. Organizers hosted a Party at Towne Centre Monday, where people were encouraged ‘pack the parking lot” by driving their cars and park in one of the nearly 2,000 spaces at the old mall. More than 2,000 vehicles turned up for the event, bringing more than 3,000 people. The goal was to show the new developer their appreciation.
Miracle City Mall Developer met with Greater Titusville Renaissance Mall Committee. 1-22-2013 A large group of key business and community leaders met yesterday with Mr. Allen Goins of AG Development. Mr. Goins, along with his partners from Exxcel Project Management, were here to give a progress report on the mall project and solicit some feedback from our community. Mr. Goins is very enthusiastic about the project and while he couldn’t disclose names of potential tenants, he did say he was speaking with several very interested parties and is gaining traction as they move into the next phase of heavy recruitment and letters of intent. “I’m talking to so many interested tenants, I might even have to turn some away” he said. We think that’s a good problem to have! While the site plan is still conceptual and parking, roadways and placement of buildings is still being worked out, Mr. Goins intends to have 5-7 anchor tenants, 4-5 restaurants, several boutique size shops, medical offices, and possibly a cinema. The crown jewel of his project design is the TOWN SQUARE. This concept creates a central space which can host concerts, festivals, art shows, dance/fitness classes, performing arts, food events, movie in the square – ANY community event. Mr. Goins is committed to making a “lifestyle” center where our community and visitors can spend time, shop, eat, and enjoy the beauty of our waterfront community. Currently he has named the project Miracle City Towne Centre – but indicated that they final name was still open for discussion.

Miracle City Mall Update from District 1 County Commissioner Robin Fisher: Today, I met with officials from JC Penney Corporation to discuss their retail outlet at Miracle City Mall. They are very concerned about conditions at their current facility that both employees and patrons have been endured for the last five years. According to Penney’s management, numerous requests have been made to the current landlord in regard to improvements that would allow Penney’s to continue to operate at their current location, however, these improvements have not been made. Subsequently, JC Penney’s senior leadership has made the decision that they will be closing the Miracle City Mall store effective Feb 2, 2013. JC Penney is aware that both myself, in my capacity as County Commissioner, and the City of Titusville, are earnestly working with Allen Goins, President of AG Development Group Inc. of Tampa, who currently has the property under contract. AG Development Group has created a new site plan for the mall and is working towards redevelopment of the entire mall site. JC Penney has agreed that they would entertain coming back into the market place if the entire development can be put together. Although this news was somewhat surprising, it was not totally unexpected, based on the current condition of the mall. In reality, JC Penney would have needed to close their doors for a period of time during the renovation of their store and the redevelopment of the mall anyway. As the proper mix of retail outlets is necessary for any successful mall development, Mr. Goins will be showing this site in the next two weeks to some quality tenants we would love to have in our community, and I look forward to providing you with future updates. Check out attached conceptual plan!

What once was a bustling mall, Miracle City, off U.S. 1 in Titusville, is now a symbol of economic troubles. Led by Brevard County Commission Chairman Robin Fisher and Titusville Mayor Jim Tulley, the Greater Titusville Renaissance has made redeveloping the mall a top goal. Commissioner Robin Fisher is taking the lead to find a buyer for the mall site, as well as find investors who would redevelop the property into an open-air “lifestyle center” along the lines of The Avenue Viera, combined with medical facilities and possibly other commercial tenants. “It could be a tremendous turning point” for the city, Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce President Marcia Gaedcke said. “It would be fabulous. It would be a great win for the community.” Parrish Medical Center is studying a plan to consolidate its network of physician offices, diagnostic centers and testing labs now spread throughout the Titusville area into one building that would be constructed on the Miracle City site. Parrish President and Chief Executive Officer George Mikitarian said initial indications are that the medical complex project, similar to one Parrish already has in Port St. John, would be viable, although the study will take a few more months to complete. Fisher said if Parrish comes onboard, and if a long-term lease extension can be signed with J.C. Penney Co., the Miracle City redevelopment project would become more attractive to investors. He is taking on the role of a real estate agent of sorts, and plans to seek investment from large local pension funds and wealthy individuals. Others on the committee plan to reach out to contacts within the retail and restaurant industries to line up tenants. Fisher envisions a new store being built for J.C. Penney, followed by demolition of the existing mall. Meanwhile, other buildings would go up on the site for Parrish’s medical complex and for restaurants, smaller retailers and maybe even a movie theater. The Space Coast Economic Development Commission has reached a preliminary agreement with the mall’s current owners to lock in a sale price of $5.5 million for the property, a price that’s good through November 30, 2011, contingent on an appraisal of the property and financing. The money to buy the mall site would come from private investors, and no county or city money would be used. Titusville Economic Development Director Matt Chesnut said the Space Coast Economic Development Commission’s agreement with the Lake City family that owns Miracle City to lock in a purchase price makes it more marketable. Fisher and Greater Titusville Renaissance community leaders, businesspeople and other residents hope to persuade retailers and restaurateurs that Titusville can be a good place to open a store or eatery. “We believe that if we can get the Miracle City site thriving, it will encourage other development in our city. A symbol of economic pain for Titusville has a chance to become a symbol of rebirth,” said Fisher. Contact Greater Titusville Renaissance to invest in or to express interest in becoming a tenant at a redeveloped Miracle City Mall. (Go to Blog)